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Lufkin doctor, trainer urge caution in rising heat

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

June 20 marked the official start of summer despite the temperatures already being at summer levels.

This has urged many in the medical and fitness community to urge caution to those working in the heat.

"It can be serious," said CHI St.Luke's Memorial Health Clinics Dr. Doyle Haynes.

Casey Adams runs Fitlife fitness center. During the summer time, it is rare that you find him and his clients working outside.

"It is best to workout indoors in the middle of the day," Adams said. "If you don't have the luxury to work out inside you can always try to schedule your workout to the outside in the early morning or later evenings."

The East Texas area is an area of concern for doctors when it comes to overall health. The Angelina County area is consistently ranked as a high-risk area for heart and stroke concerns. Those concerns are a giant red flag when it comes to heat illnesses.

"There is a lot of diabetes," Haynes said. "There is a lot of heart disease, lung disease. They are not necessarily climatized to the heat."

Haynes said the high temperatures combined with low water intake could bring dehydration, heat cramps and in some extreme cases neurological damage. Adams said when working out outside, a buddy system works great.

"You definitely want to have a buddy with you when you work out," Adams said. "That is a good thing to have. If you are working in the yard, let your spouse know and have them check in on you."

Doyle said that in his years of working the emergency room, he has seen a larger group of people come in for heat issues related to work not exercise.

"A good warning sign is you get to feeling bad and you get in the shade and get a little better and as soon as you step out in the sun it hits you again," Doyle said.

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