Corrigan residents react to not-guilty verdict in stabbing murder trial

Corrigan residents react to not-guilty verdict in stabbing murder trial

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Days after a not-guilty verdict came down for a Corrigan man who stabbed another man to death, the community is dealing with a lot of emotions.

Corrigan residents said it's going to take prayer for the community to be at peace with the outcome.

The scene where a stabbing death took place was cleared a year ago, but the pain remains for many Corrigan residents.

"Aggravated, mad, confused, there are no words to explain, I'm lost for words," said Kathlina Bean, Damarcus Jackson's mother.

"Hurt, anger confusion, prayer, mad at God, questioning God, reaching out to God," said Krystal Currie, a Corrigan resident.

Those feelings were stirred in the small town when a jury deemed Steven White not guilty in Jackson's stabbing death after a three-day murder trial.

"Everybody is like how did that happen? How did they get that?" Bean said.

"Within minutes of the verdict, you saw hurt, disappointment, and you saw anger," Currie said.

It was an unlikely outcome for a tragic incident. Family members and residents questioned how White could walk out of the Polk County Courthouse a free man.

"I would have been expecting him to do some kind of time and not just leave and go home after you took a whole life. How does that work like that?" Bean asked.

Bean said her son was portrayed as a large and violent man. In her eyes, Damarcus Jackson was none of the descriptions the defense used.

"He was a father, a nephew, my son, and he was a fiance," Bean said.

Bean said Jackson had been in fights, but asked who hadn't. She was saddened that the jury didn't seem to empathize.

"I don't understand how they couldn't put themselves in my shoes. Would you want to person who took your kid's life to walk out with you and get no punishment?" Bean asked.

It's an outcome she and the community have to make peace with.

"I'm just going to let God handle it, because this is not it," Bean said.

"I think now more than anything that Corrigan not only needs prayer, but we need to reach out to each other so this doesn't happen again," Currie said.

District Attorney Lee Hon said White has been indicted for tampering with evidence. His court date is not set at this time, but for that felony charge, he faces 25 to life.

Hon said he didn't feel that offering the jury a lesser charge was appropriate based on the evidence at hand.

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