Downtown Construction Beneficial For Business Owners

Jerry Spencer Business Owner
Jerry Spencer Business Owner

In just a few months, downtown Lufkin will look a lot different. Among the changes, improved streets, wider lanes and better lighting.

New businesses are also coming. They include a new photography studio, a jazz cafe, and an advertising firm.

Diana Kristynik said, "I think our goal is that we're here to help other businesses have the opportunity to grow and that's what we're here for...providing the services that they need to help their business grow."

Mr. G's Fashions has been part of the downtown scene for years. Six months ago, the owner brought First Street Cafe to town - a nightclub and cafe all in one.

Jerry Spencer said, "Downtown is growing. They're redoing the streets and everybody's trying to get back downtown."

Several other businesses have either opened up or relocated to downtown Lufkin. Despite ongoing construction making it a little harder to navigate through the historic district, business owners say it'll be well worth the wait for the changes to be finished.

Because of a rainy summer, the downtown construction project is now months behind schedule. The new completion date is set for spring.