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Gift of Love: Madison

Madison is looking for the Gift of Love Madison is looking for the Gift of Love
Madison enjoys a day at Petland Madison enjoys a day at Petland
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It was puppy love at first sight for 9-year-old Madison as she played with several pups hanging out at Petland.

Madison is very outgoing. She enjoys video games, watching TV and Disney movies. She also likes to, "play on my tablet," Madison said.

Madison enjoys playing card games such as Memory and Go Fish.  At school, Madison's favorite subject is math and her least favorite is reading.   Madison says she likes to go down the slides on the playground during recess.

The best forever family for Madison is one that is active and give her lots of attention. Madison says she looks forward to outings with her new family including going out to eat.

"Hamburgers. What's your favorite dessert? I don't know. Do you have several favorite desserts? Yea," Madison said.

Madison likes to play sports. She just finished play softball and looks forward to playing soccer next year.

She has not ruled out a single female parent and being an only child.  But Madison says her dream family is one that includes a mom, dad, and a baby sibling.  In fact, it's the first of her three wishes.

"Well, for one I'd like a baby sister that's like zero. That's what I want. It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. It doesn't really matter," Madison said.

As for her second wish,  "Animals, lots of animals. Dogs, cats. I want my own little kitty or puppy and I want my own bird, a bird that talks though," Madison said.

She says she'd name her dog Nemo even though she knows that's the name of a famous fish and her kitty would be named Daisy. Her final wish hits a little closer to home.

"I want a big house," Madison said.

A house filled with a mom and dad that can show Madison the Gift of Love. 

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