Lufkin PD: Man arrested for selling drugs a 'stone's throw' from police department

Lufkin PD: Man arrested for selling drugs a 'stone's throw' from police department

From the Lufkin Police Department

The Special Services Division arrested a Lufkin man Thursday who has been selling drugs from a home a "stone's throw" from the Lufkin Police Department's back parking lot.

The Division, with the help of the Special Response Team, ran a search warrant on the home, resulting in the arrest of Eduardo "Eddie" Gonzalez, 24. An investigation into Gonzalez's activities at 300 Montrose St. was opened following a tip from a citizen, resulting in the warrant. Special Services Division Sgt. Travis Strickland said the home is a "stone's throw" from the department's back parking lot.

"LPD is a family, and the police department is our home. We spend every single holiday together here, and in community emergencies, we sleep here, so technically this particular drug dealer was poisoning our very own neighborhood," Strickland said. "With the help of some of our very own neighbors we were able to work together to make Lufkin a little safer. This is just another fine example of the citizens of Lufkin taking cleaning up their community into their own hands."

A search of the home uncovered cocaine, K2, Alprazolam, marijuana, several pistols and an undisclosed amount of cash. Two other adults inside the home at the time of the raid were questioned and released, while another family member was called to take custody of four children at the home.

Gonzalez is charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Additional charges are pending.

"When the community is tired of the dope dealers poisoning their neighborhood and take control to no longer be the silence majority, it really puts the wheels in motion to push back and show these guys that not only do they have to watch out and avoid the police, but they better be avoiding the people living and working all around them," Strickland said. "It is becoming more and more prevalent, that some of our best intelligence and tips are coming from the citizens living in our community who will not stand for this type of illegal activity anymore."

To report drug activity in your neighborhood, call Crime Stoppers at 639-TIPS or submit a tip online at