Repercussions from NISD superintendent's resignation may last long time

Repercussions from NISD superintendent's resignation may last long time
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The breaking news of the resignation of Nacogdoches ISD Superintendent Dr. Fred Hayes came late last night, but the events leading up to it occurred over months, and some would argue years.

Repercussions of that resignation may last a very long time as the search begins for his replacement.

Hayes didn't return East Texas News' phone calls or texts, but Steve Green, the Nacogdoches ISD board president, did.

How much is it costing taxpayers to break Hayes' three year contract? Board president Steve Green knows the answers, but the public will have to wait to hear it until at least next week.

"At this time we have to keep it under wraps at this point until all papers have gotten signed and everything done," Green said.

What is known is Hayes base salary is $175,000 with two years remaining. Green sat on a board that renewed that contract. Hayes, hired in 2011, received glowing reviews. Are there regrets?

"All I can tell you we this past year saw some new directions that we needed to be going," Green said.

It was all sparked by poor-performing schools that are facing possible state takeover in two years. Two failed bond issues, numerous staff reassignments, and discipline concerns are just a few of the issues. The complaints surfaced more than two years ago and were heard as late as last night.

"I do not think it's as bad as comes off to be, but we've got to work through that," Green said.

Working through it has happened over and over again.

"Oh yeah, I've been here 35 years and it's happened many times," Green said with a chuckle. We've gone through a number of superintendents."

Some observers say it will be difficult attracting yet another superintendent.

"I think at this point, we're going to find an interim that we know that will keep us on track," Green said.

As we said earlier, Hayes has not returned our texts or voicemail. We were told an NISD attorney that Hayes is taking vacation until his last day on June 30 and is seeking other employment.

Both Haglund and Steve Green said the discussions were amicable. Hayes is represented by an attorney.

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