Lufkin woman passes out in Dollar Tree, seeks corporate accountability

Lufkin woman passes out in Dollar Tree, seeks corporate accountability
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Several customers called in to complain about excruciating heat they experienced while shopping at the Dollar Tree on South First and Whitehouse in Lufkin last week. A former employee said the air conditioner was off for weeks. The problem was fixed last week, but a woman who said she passed out in the store wants corporate to be held accountable.

"Ma'am we're over here at the Dollar Tree, and a woman fell out in the store. You need to send an ambulance," said a 911 caller on June 21st.

"While I was standing there waiting to get checked out, I passed out," said Nadalyn Guy, a Lufkin resident.

It was a quick trip to the Dollar Tree that landed Nadalyn Guy in the hospital.

"This is Kim at Dollar Tree. I just had a customer fall out in the floor up here," said the store manager on a 911 call recording.

"Paramedics came and asked to get a fan for me. They told them no because they don't have another plug to put the fan on me," Guy said.

Guy was one of several customers who said they reached out to Dollar Tree's corporate office to complain about the heat waves they felt while shopping or like former employee Deshunna McCoy, while working.

"They had the candy melting, pulling all the chocolate off the shelves, putting it in the freezer," McCoy said.

"I was seeing them sweat. They had towels around their necks," Diandra Barlow, a customer at Dollar Tree.

Guy said she was rushed to the hospital via ambulance and has the discharge papers to prove it.

"They didn't react like I thought they should have. They were still checking out customers, and I'm still lying on the floor," Guy said.

"It was extremely hot. I couldn't breath," Barlow said.

"Sweating, sweat is not even it. You're pouring down," McCoy said.

Guy said she contacted the corporate office about the incident and the expenses she faced after her trip to the Emergency Room - she said they didn't seem to sweat the problem - telling her they weren't liable for her injuries.

"They didn't reach out to apologize for what happened to me or anything, and I felt that was wrong," Guy said.

We went inside and confirmed the heat. The store manager said Dollar Tree had no comment on customers being heated over the air conditioning problem.

"I heard them tell a manager it could take two weeks, so I was like no, so I quit," McCoy said.

"She asked me why didn't I leave, since it was so hot. I said that's where I like shopping," Guy said.

With no apology or response  for a life threatening situation, Guy said she just wants the store to be held accountable for what happened there.

The A/C was repaired as of today, but we attempted to reach corporate talk about their injured customer. No one from their offices returned our calls or voicemails.

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