DA's Office Files Motion For Gag Order In Murder Case

A Lufkin teenager accused of murdering his unborn children last year made a brief court appearance Tuesday morning.

Eighteen year-old Gerardo Flores is accused of beating his girlfriend, who was five months pregnant at the time, killing their twin sons.  The girl delivered stillborn twin fetuses that day at home.

Flores is charged with murder under what's called Laci and Conner's Law, which protects unborn children.

Last week, the Angelina County district attorney's office filed a motion requesting a gag order in the Flores case.  Flores is accused of plotting with his 16-year-old girlfriend to abort their unborn twins.

The motion asks all attorneys, their staffs, and authorities not to talk about this case.

Attorney John Tatum II said, "As far as I know, there's never been a gag order in Angelina County.  I talked to my father and he's been practicing law for 40 years and he can't rememember a criminal case in this county that's ever had a gag order."

Some attorneys don't like gag orders but agree, too much pre-trial publicity could hurt a case.

"This county has always, historically, been very open, and I'd hate for it to start closing down because I think people in the community need to know what's going on."

The motion also says more media coverage will only increase pre-trial publicity and interfere with Flores' right to a fair trial.  A trial that will make history even without a gag order.

It could be the first case in Angelina County ever tried under a new law that keeps a mother from being punished for the death of her unborn children.

The judge is expected to rule on the gag order later this week.