Former SFA soccer players bring Texas charm to Iceland

Former SFA soccer players bring Texas charm to Iceland
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Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
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Source: Facebook

AKRANES, ICELAND (KTRE) - Two former SFA soccer players are furthering their careers on Iceland's professional soccer team, Akranes FC, and they tell us what it's been like taking a little bit of Texas to Iceland.

"It's been a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and we're both really thankful for that and just excited we get to share this experience with each other," said Rachel Owens, a midfielder for Akranes FC.

Three thousand miles away from the state they have both spent their entire lives in, both of them are chasing their dreams of playing soccer at the next level.

"I never thought we would get to travel the world while playing soccer, so this is just really an incredible opportunity," said Megan Dunnigan, defender and returning playing for Akranes FC.

Dunnigan is in her second season with the team and said her journey last year is what made the decision to play again even easier.

"The people here are just so nice and welcoming, so that made my experience last year such a good one, and coming back has been even more fun," Dunnigan.

Rachel Owens, who just graduated this December, has always known soccer was her passion and she said being with her fellow friend and teammate has been such a blessing.

"It's been great to have someone who knows the ropes and knows what to expect, so she is always there to answer any questions," Owens said.

They said that building relationships with their teammates and host families has been one of the greatest parts about playing here, and they have even taught the Iceland natives the correct use of the word, "yall."

"'Y'all' is definitely one of the main things they love; every time they hear it they think it's funny and now some girls have started to say it too," Dunnigan said.

During their off time between games, they have the chance to travel the world and said they encourage anyone thinking about playing their sport at the next level to consider playing overseas.

"Something that I want people to know is that if you have a chance to play overseas, it's an experience you will never forget, and you may never have the another opportunity to do," Owens said.

Most importantly their mission on and off the field has been to find their purpose in their relationship with Christ and share that through their journey.

"My belief system is that God gave us this world to experience, and I just think it's so cool he's brought me here to this foreign country," Owens said.
This is something that is important for both Dunnigan and Owens.

"I do think we're here for a reason, so to be able to travel it's just a blessing that we are really thankful for," Dunnigan said.

If you want to follow along with their journey in Akranes, Iceland Owens has started a blog to document their experience. Just visit The World is My Home: Iceland.

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