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Nacogdoches woman is inspiring others while surviving cancer with a smile

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The true definition of a survivor is someone that never allows their circumstances to keep them from moving forward and although Joumana Tabch’s life changed forever when she was diagnosed with cancer, she never allowed it to steal her joy.

“You just have to think there are so many people that have it so much worse or can’t afford treatment or their cancer is incurable and it makes you realize it’s not really bad,” Tabch said.

In November of 2015 she started traveling to Houston every two weeks to begin ABVD chemotherapy, but her optimism towards her current situation never faltered.

“While going through treatment I always tried to pray and stay positive and not allow things to make me sad,” Tabch said.

During times when she needed comfort from those that would understand what she was battling, she turned to specialized Facebook groups and said the connection between fellow patients gave her hope.

“Maybe people don’t know what to say sometimes, so it helps to have someone who has been through it and it helps you to help them when they are feeling bad,” Tabch said.

She kept a servants heart throughout treatment, always helping others that were struggling and said during her time off from school she was able to discover what her calling was in life,

“It gave me time to think about what I wanted to do, I want to work in the hospital and I want to help people but more behind the scenes,” Tabch said.

This led her to apply to Tyler Junior Colleges Medical Lab Technology Program, and soon after this she went in for her six month checkup at MD Anderson.

“I think the happiest I have felt was that six month checkup where the doctor let us know the results came back good. It was such a joy, like now my life is back to normal and now I can follow my dreams,” Tabch said.

Just after this incredible news she got another surprise.

“Not long after, I prayed and kept checking my email and then I received the notification that said I had been approved, it was just one blessing after another,” Tabch said.

Now her life will slowly return to normal when she begins her classes in August and will be one step closer to chasing her dreams while continuing inspiring others.

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