Nacogdoches author nabs second season for "Hap and Leonard" on Sundance TV

Nacogdoches author nabs second season for "Hap and Leonard" on Sundance TV

A Nacogdoches author is celebrating landing a second season for his book-based series on Sundance TV Network. "Hap and Leonard"  is based right here in East Texas in the 1980's. Joe Lansdale discussed what's in store for the series.

It was a series he described as sweaty, frightening, and exciting.

"I was very happy with season one," said Joe Lansdale, author of Hap and Leonard.

We talked to Lansdale back in March when the tale of a white anti-war activist and a gay black Vietnam vet was just about to hit the screens. He was hoping for a success that would allow for a second season.

"It was the highest rated show for Sundance-TV so that's probably part of the reason it's up for a second season!" Lansdale said.

Lansdale said he worked closely with directors and producers who knew his work, understood it, and kept it at 98% of the original story.

"When I started seeing some of the early edits, I began to go 'Oh this is good, this is good," Lansdale said.

Now, Lansdale is ready to gear up with new actors. Big names already played parts. James Purefoy and Michael Kenneth Williams staring as Hap and Leonard.

"Some characters in the first book won't be in the second book for a lot of reasons, but in the second book we're casting new people," Lansdale said.

It's another dark, comic, exhilarating ride East Texas' very own is ready to take on.

"I'm anxious to see which director end up there and the actors so I'm excited to see the mix!" Lansdale said.

The first season is available on Sundance and AMC channels. Lansdale also has a movie, "Cold in July" playing on Netflix.

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