Timid boxer lab mix looking for loving family

Timid boxer lab mix looking for loving family
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A timid but affectionate pup is looking for her forever family. Her name is North Star, she's been in the Kurth memorial animal shelter since she was about five months old.

"She's been here way too long," City of Lufkin's Director of Animal control, Aaron Ramsey said. "That's a long time to be at our shelter. We're going on three months almost that she's been here."

The time she's spent at Kurth has sheltered her natural active abilities.

"Being as young as she is, and spending as much time as she's spent here, it can be difficult on them," Ramsey said.

North Star is very timid at first but once she finds the right family to open up to, she'll be sure to love them forever.

"Going to a family and getting out of this environment I'm sure she'll warm up quite a bit," Ramsey said.

She's spent half of her life at the shelter and needs a family that'll give her the love and attention that is long overdue.

"She's very sweet natured, and a loving dog," Ramsey said. "I think she'd be a really good inside dog because a lot of dogs at her age can be very hyper and jump but we don't see a lot of those traits in her."

What is obvious to see in her is her soft and friendly personality.

"I think she'd be great with a family that has kids because she is very gentile very friendly," Ramsey said.

Although she'd make a great inside pet, once you let her out she'll run like the wind.

"Maybe a fenced yard or a good place where she can get a lot of energy out," Ramsey said. "She is going to want to run and play just like any other normal dog."

To adopt North Star, all you have to do is stop by Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter or call (936) 633-0218.

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