Tyrese Gibson calls out Trinity police for viral photo

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - A famous singer and actor has questioned Trinity police while posting a photo they uploaded on social media several months ago.

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens posted the photo when the #blacklivesmatter movement began. The photo shows Givens, who is black, and Jones, who is white, holding their hands out. On their hands is writing which states, "His Life Matters" and an arrow pointing to each other.

Tyrese Gibson posted the following on Facebook: "Very true......... Very very true.... But how many people ON YOUR FORCE have used excessive force, have abused their power, murdered and killed innocent people - planted evidence to SEE to it that that black man or Latino went to jail... And you both just sat there and didn't report your "partner that matters" he put his badge back on and go back out to the streets as if nothing ever happened????? To the officers in this picture please answer these questions???? We ALL matter but when we do wrong we PAY for every time...."

"I think that goes back to the problems that we are having with all of these disturbances. Nobody wants to talk. They just want to assume and jump down each other's throats," Jones said.

Jones was invited to respond to Gibson in a network television interview.

"It was disheartening that he has such a huge following, and I feel that he should be more positive on his remarks and make resolution instead of being accusatory," Jones said.

The chief expressed that he felt those with platforms as huge as Gibson's should use them for creating positivity and unity. The chief said he'd love for Gibson to hop on his Hollywood planes and visit Trinity.

"He could bring The Rock or Vin Diesel or one of those guys for protection, and we'll make a day out of it. We'll take them to go eat and let him see that he needs to watch what he's saying about people, especially ones that he doesn't know," Jones said.

"I would like to thank all of you that flooded his page with positive comments about the two of us. In times like these we ALL need to be united against those who are only out for destruction and chaos," Jones posted on the Trinity Police Department Facebook page.

Jones said nobody with his police department has used excessive force or abused their power.

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