Book of Revelation - Outline

The following is a brief outline of the Bible's New Testament - Book of Revelation.

CHAPTER ONE (1:1-20) Vision of Jesus Christ

CHAPTERS TWO AND THREE (2:1-3:22) Letter to the 7 Churches

CHAPTER FOUR (4:1-11) The throne of God, FOUR LIVING CREATURES surround it.

CHAPTER FIVE (5:1-14) The book with SEVEN SEALS . The seals are opened one by one. As each seal is opened, a new vision appears. John sees a LION and a LAMB .

CHAPTER SIX The opening of the seven seals.

  • (6:1-8) First four SEALS are opened, riders appear on FOUR HORSES of different colors.
  • (6:9-11) The fifth seal is opened, John sees those who have been martyred for their faith in Christ.
  • (6:12-17) The sixth seal is opened, on one side is a huge earthquake, stars fall from the sky and the sky rolls up like a scroll.



  • (8:1-5) The seventh seal is opened unveiling a series of God's judgments announced by seven angels with SEVEN TRUMPETS .
  • (8:6-13) The first four angels bring hail, fire, a burning mountain and a falling star. The sun and moon are darkened.
  • (9:1-12) The fifth trumpet announces the coming of the locusts.
  • (9:13-21) The sixth trumpet heralds the coming of an army of warriors on horses.

CHAPTER TEN The mighty angel and the open sweet/bitter Book

CHAPTER ELEVEN The temple and two witnesses.

  • (11:1,2) John is commanded to measure the temple of God.
  • (11:3-14) Two witnesses proclaim God's judgment on the earth for three and a half years.

CHAPTERS TWELVE AND THIRTEEN The WOMAN and the DRAGON appear The TWO BEASTS from the sea and earth

  • (11:15-13:18) The seventh trumpet sounds, calling the rival forces of good and evil to the final battle. On one side is Satan and his army, on the other side stands Jesus with his forces.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN The triumph, the condemned, the harvest.

  • (14:6-13) In the midst of this call to battle, John sees three angels announcing the final judgment.
  • (14:14-20) Two angels begin to reap a harvest of judgment on the earth.

CHAPTERS FIFTEEN AND SIXTEEN (15:1-16:21) The last seven plagues are unleashed.

  • Following on the heels of these two angels are seven more angels who pour out God's judgment on the earth from SEVEN BOWLS .

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN (17:1-18) The woman on the beast.

  • One of these angels from the group of seven reveals to John a vision of a GREAT PROSTITUTE called Babylon riding a scarlet beast.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN (18:1-24) The doomed city.

  • The defeat of Babylon


  • A great multitude in heaven shouts praise to God.

CHAPTER TWENTY The millennium and the throne of judgment

  • (20:1-10) Satan's 1000-year imprisonment.
  • (20:11-15) The final judgment.
  • (21:1-22:6) The creation of a new earth and Jerusalem.
  • (22:7-11) Final instructions to John.
  • (22:12-21) Revelations concludes with the promise of Christ's return