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GoFundMe goal reached for injured dog found by Pokemon Go players

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Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

Within a matter of days, the people who set up a GoFundMe account for the badly injured dog that was found by people playing Pokemon Go near Lufkin’s Chambers Park reached their goal of $2,000.

Kaitlin Kouts e-mailed East Texas News Wednesday morning and explained that a mystery donor named “Dan M” donated $875 and helped them quickly reach the goal of $2,000 to help with Pokey’s veterinary bills.

“Wendy’s Misfits is trying to find out who he is, so she can thank him!” Kouts wrote. “We are going nuts!”

Pokemon Go allows players to search for the virtual creatures based off of the hit TV series and card games while walking around your own neighborhood. Players do not know where they are until they walk up on them, making it a fun and interesting virtual scavenger hunt experience.

Last Friday, Kouts and Tiffany Revay were walking near the Chamber's Park area in Lufkin looking for more creatures to add to their collection. It was at that time the Kouts' app alerted her to a jigglypuff. Excited for a new addition to her collection, Kouts would follow the trail and find a terrible sight.

"Instead of a jigglypuff, I found a puppy," Kouts said. "The puppy was laying by the tree and a trash bag and could not move. His mouth was bleeding, he wasn't moving very much. He looked like he was in pain. We found out his back leg was broken. His gums were pale and blue and so were his ears."

Kouts and Revay were alarmed and started asking neighbors about the dog but no one seemed to know who or where the dog came from. At the same time all this was going on, the two received a phone call from a Marco's Pizza delivery person. The two had ordered pizza before they went on the hunt and expected to be back to the house in time.

"I asked where they were and they said they were trying to help a dog that was hurt," delivery man Skyler Jerke said. "I told them I would wait for them. When they came back they had not found the owner yet, so I stepped in and helped."

Jerke is not just a delivery man but is also a certified EMT. He completed training just a couple of weeks ago."I had my med kit with me so I went over to help them. Anytime I can apply my training to a human or people it is a good feeling."

Kouts said she would have never believed her delivery man would be able to help until she saw him calm the dog down.

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