Restaurant Report - 7/13/16 - Lufkin

Dollar General, 522 S. Chestnut: 23 demerits for general clean of racks in reach-in coolers, toxics should be stored below or on a separate shelf from single-use items, repair missing floor tiles in restroom, restroom must be available to employees, soap and paper towels required in restroom, adequate water pressure required, hot water needed at handwashing sink, food must be stored off the floor, frozen food must remain frozen during receiving, cold hold, remove expired foods, repair leak at faucet on mop sink.

Huntington Meat Market, 401 N. Third St., Huntington: 13 demerits for must be 41 degrees or below, raw eggs should be stored underneath ready-to-eat food, label all bulk item containers out of original packaging, toxic items in spray containers must be labeled, ice dispenser at fountain drink machine needs to be cleaned.

Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo, 402 Zoo Circle: Seven demerits for ice scoop must be stored in a clean container or in ice with handle up, single-use items must be stored six inches off the floor at all times, clean ice machine, all employees need ACCHD food handler cards, single-use items must be stored in the same direction.

Standpipe Coffee, 123 S. First St.: Two demerits for chemical test strips needed to properly test sanitizing solution.

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