Suspects Caught After Allegedly Performing Bank Scams

by Jessica Cervantez

At least three banks in Lufkin and one bank in Diboll were the victims of what is being called a "short change" scam. But, thanks to quick action by bank employees, two people suspected of pulling the scams are now in custody.

58-year-old Tommye Lou Moses, at least that is the name she gave Lufkin police, and 55-year-old Arthur Bowman were arrested accused of scamming area banks. They each carry dozens of aliases, they may be from Houston, and they are no stranger to scams.

Lt. Greg Denman said, "Bowman had at least 47 aliases, and they've been doing this for a long time."

The two suspects were caught inside the Wal-Mart bank in Lufkin, at least the fourth East Texas bank they were accused of hitting Thursday. The bank near Crown Colony was also hit.

The scam started at each bank, with the couple asking for change for a hundred dollar bill. They would keep exchanging and asking for different denominations until the tellers would get confused. Moses would raise her voice at the tellers to get them flustered. The couple would end up taking anywhere from a hundred to four hundred dollars before leaving.

Word of the scam quickly spread among East Texas banks. That's how the suspected con artists were eventually caught.

The couple is charged with theft. After contacting the FBI, federal charges are also possible.