Reports show SFA student had past relationship with alleged shooter

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Two criminal reports an SFA student and Houston woman filed against each other indicate the pair had been in a romantic relationship at some time prior to the Houston woman shooting the student to death before turning the gun on herself Wednesday morning.

Shermika Bolden, 23, of Nacogdoches, died from a gunshot wound Wednesday morning at her Tangleberry Street apartment. Police believe she was shot to death by her ex-girlfriend, Chloe Love, 22, of Houston.

At the time of the shooting, Nacogdoches police had arrest warrants for both women. Bolden for misdemeanor assault and Love for misdemeanor harassment.

According to police spokesman Sgt. Greg Sowell, Bolden filed a complaint against Love on June 4. Bolden said that Love used Bolden's email account to send photos of Bolden in various stages of undress to numerous recipients. She also complained of continual text messages from Love. She described Love as an ex-girlfriend.

Sowell said Love filed a complaint on June 6 from Houston. She alleged that three weeks prior, during a quarrel with Bolden, whom she described as her girlfriend, that Bolden threw a mirror at Love, breaking the mirror and cutting Love on the arm.

Before the 4 a.m. shooting Wednesday, officers had been called to the apartment an hour earlier when Bolden reported she had been called several times during the night by Love and a brick had been thrown through the front window of the apartment.

Sowell said officers did not run a warrant check on Bolden.

"It's not customary for officers to run warrants on victims of crimes," Sowell said. "That's left to the officer's discretion."

Sowell said officers were still in the area when the shooting occurred.

Love is listed in critical condition in a Nacogdoches hospital.

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