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East Texan makes a family-friendly thriller film

David Ford finds out there's something in the woods. David Ford finds out there's something in the woods.

It can be a challenge to find a movie the whole family can enjoy, especially if you’re in the mood for some action or a thriller. An East Texas man decided he wanted to change that.

David Ford is a filmmaker whose first film is being released digitally on July 15, and his next film is a faith-based thriller.

The Harleton native was bitten by the film bug in junior high when a family member left a camcorder at his house. Decades later, he began writing movie scripts, and when they didn’t sell, he wrote one he could make himself.

Something in the Woods is a family thriller, inspired by true events, if you believe the family’s story that told it. Most thriller films are rated R films, so I just wanted to give something the family could watch,” Ford said.

It’s a nearly no-budget movie shot around Caddo Lake by a production company based in Waco. It’s about a big, hairy something in the woods.

“Most Bigfoot films are horror films or comedies, so I wanted to go in a different direction,” Ford said.

He peddled it around L.A, had some interest, but decided to form his own distribution company.

He’s been in several films shot in Texas and Louisiana.

“Acting is my first passion, but the way it’s been working, I just decided not to wait on Hollywood to cast me. I’ll just make my own films,” Ford explained.

So his first one is in the can, and with it came private financing for a second film, “Sense of Urgency.” In it, an adopted girl gets on a bus to meet her real mother:

“And it gets hijacked, and she’s having issues in her life, so she kind of finds herself and finds God, in a way, on this bus,” Ford revealed.

The actors have been cast and production starts July 30 in Waco. Ford says he has three more finished scripts, but he’s not rushing anything.

“One step at a time: “Something in the Woods”, “Sense of Urgency”, a little bit bigger, and then keep going. That’s the plan, anyway,” Ford said.

He wants the viewer on the edge of their seat with his films, but there's more than that.

“They all have a message in them. I believe the world needs more positive messages,” Ford added.

His production company, Saving Oscar Productions’ has a slogan: “Sowing the seeds of the Gospel, one film at a time”.

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