Natural Gas Outage

by Allison Landry

CenterPoint Energy representatives say they are responding to a natural gas outage in Crockett that is affecting approximately 2,000 customers.  The representatives told East Texas News 9 that the outage was caused by an operational problem from local pipeline suppliers.

"To ensure gas service is restored safely, customers are asked to wait for a CenterPoint Energy employee to turn back on the gas service," said John Seale, CenterPoint Energy area manager.

CenterPoint will visit each home individually to turn off meters before the relighting process can begin.  Once all meters are turned off, CenterPoint Energy personel will begin relighting each customer and will need access to each location in order to light pilots and check to see that it is safe to resume service.

Because company crews will be going door to door to homes and businesses, some customers may not have their service back until this weekend.

They are asking customers to report any signs of gas leaks.  You can contact a CenterPoint Representative at  1-800-259-5544.

Customers should follow these safety rules should you smell natural gas:

  • Don't flip a light switch because when you turn on a light, a small spark occurs in the switch that could cause an ignition and fire.
  • Don't smoke or strike a match or lighter
  • Don't operate an electric garage door opener
  • Don't use the telephone
  • Don't turn on a flashlight--even a flashlight could produce a spark that might ignite the gas.