Lufkin community lends a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity

Lufkin community lends a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin community is lending a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity

Mike Love and Associates joined forces with Habitat for Humanity on Friday to help assist with cosmetic work on its 19th home in Lufkin area.

Members of the Lufkin community came together to help trim, caulk, and paint the outside of an East Texas home.

Terri Cawley, the executive director with Habitat for Humanity, said she's excited about the progress being made.

"Working with someone like Mike Love and Associates brings the cost of the homes, you know, to reduce them down,"Cawley said. "It keeps the cost down; that's how habitat exists. They do the volunteer work, so we can turn around and sell this home for a minimal amount."

The family and future homeowners are expected to move in their new home sometime this November.

The organization is pleased with the progress that they've made in the area and says they are always looking for an extra helping hand.

"Community come help us. These are great things, and thank you to Mike Love and Associates," Cawley said.

Once this home is complete, Habitat for Humanity will begin making new ground on its 20th home which is expected to be finished in early 2017.

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