Keep An Eye Out For A Young Artist

by Jessica Cervantez

"I really didn't think it was going to be much of anything, I thought it was a mistake and I almost went to go throw it away," Nysa Love said.

The Crockett High School junior now knows, throwing the piece of art away would have been a big mistake. The work depicts Jesus Christ in prayer, and it won "Best of Class" and "Best of Show" awards at the Houston County Fair.

Love relies on support from her family. They realized she had talent at a young age.

Love has won several first place prizes for her other work. Not only is she a talented artist, she is a good student, who plans to pursue art in college and as a career. She believes it takes special characteristics to become an artist.

Love said, "Perseverance is one of them because most people don't have the patience to do it, and I guess you have to have a lot of patience to sit down and make this picture look like an actual work of art."

Her pieces are works of art, already turning the heads of many.