Business Owners Adjust To Gas Outage

The Moosehead Cafe in downtown Crockett was in the middle of its lunch rush Thursday when the gas shut off.  It wasn't until three hours later when owners found out what was going on.

There was a problem with the pipeline that provides gas to CenterPoint Energy. That problem caused a disruption to the natural gas supply.

Employees worked around the problem and started serving food they'd already cooked.

Co-owner Buddy Clonts said, "French fries quit frying, so I opened the door up and the pilots were all off.  The lady cooking hamburgers next to me said 'these hamburgers sure are cooking kind of slow'."

Restaurant owners say being without gas was a huge inconvenience for them and their customers, but after 12 hours, the energy was back on and they were back in business.

"They were fast," said co-owner Joni McCreight of CenterPoint employees.  "They were very nice.  They came from all over East Texas and we really needed it because a lot of people lost money because of it, and they were here to fix the problem."

The gas is back on at the restaurant, but other CenterPoint customers around Crockett are still waiting.  CenterPoint workers have to visit each home individually to make sure it is safe to resume gas service.  A process that's now underway.

CenterPoint energy officials plan to have all their customers' energy restored by the end of the weekend.