Diboll Police receive words of encouragement from Arizona children

Diboll Police receive words of encouragement from Arizona children

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - East Texas police continue to get words of encouragement. Most of the nice treats and motivational cards have come from East Texas, but Diboll received a special set of cards from two children in Arizona.

The cards were sent as part of the Tayler and Caleb Project. The two siblings have dreams of becoming police officers and started reaching out to agencies. Diboll is the second department in the county to get the cards. Last year, Lufkin received cards from the pair.

"I want to be a police office," Tayler said. "When I grow up, I want to be something that helps people keep my country safe."

With the help of their father Leonard, the two children first started to reach for their dreams by writing law enforcement offices across their home state asking for badges and other police items that they could have as keepsakes.

"We wanted to use the badges to make a a quilt," Tayler said. "We got stuff from Australia. They sent some badges, police coins, and hats."

The two children were satisfied with the badges but then wanted to do more after police started to get attacked from people across the country.

"[I want people to know] police are good, because they do more things than just save us," Caleb said.

The pair has gained plenty of attention. Both have been able to go meet officers with several departments including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who received national attention in the media several years back for his stance on the immigration debate. The two have also received a letter of appreciation from U.S. Senator John McCain. Tayler and Caleb were also able to visit their local police department and become officers for a brief moment.

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