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East Texas republicans call for unity within party

After GOP convention, East Texas Republicans call for unity within party

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The 2016 Republican National Convention wrapped up their final night with the highly anticipated speech from the presidential nominee himself, Donald J. Trump, and many Republicans in East Texas said they hope tonight their party will be unified.

"I want to see him make that shift," said Nacogdoches Republican Chair Andrew Hidgon, "Tonight, I want to see him become presidential. It's not a time for flashy lights. It's really time to see what he will stand for."

The former Stephen F. Austin State University Young Republican president is attending the convention in Cleveland and explained that the feeling throughout the week has been one of mixed emotions. He also defended Ted Cruz's position on asking the public to "vote their conscious" this November.

"He just said to do what you feel is best, not-not endorsing Trump, but I think he is sticking by his word," said George Lane.

It has been an eventful week for those attending, but a political science expert said that this week’s craze surrounding this convention isn’t as unusual as many might believe.

“I think that’s in the spirit in the moment we are in for the Democrats and Republicans' parties," said Steve Galatas, a political science professor at SFA. "I think Trump has been running his campaign a little more unscripted than most.”

The important question tonight for many republicans was if Trump's speech would unify the party like many voters are hoping for.

“I think we are unified, but a lot of it will depend on tonight. We have been waiting for the speech for four days," Lane said.

Hidgon’s hopes that Trump capitalizes on some of the most important things to him during election time.

“I hope he talks about how he will govern, how will he show the American people that he will get everything he says he will," Hidgons said.

The final night will be another history-making moment for the Republican Party as more diverse speakers will be seen speaking in support of Trump.

"You will see different people speaking tonight that are going to appeal to the part of diversity that I don't think the party has seen before," Galatas said.

Many are hopeful that after tonight's speech, Trump will unify the Republican Party and begin their race for the White House as one.

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