Diboll siblings given special trip, 2016 Olympics

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Two East Texas kids are on their way to Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics. They're not competing in the games, but for these siblings, it's the challenges they've been faced with all their lives that make them heroes.

"I have known the family since before Nadia was born, I've seen one on life support, but they are two children that have never complained, I have never heard 'I don't feel well'," said Leslie Bourne, CEO Ronald McDonald House Houston. "They are just two of the kindest souls."

Brice and Nadia Munoz have glycogen storage disease, type 4 and their mother said watching them support each other throughout the years makes this time of health very special to their family.

"It's actually really special, they have been through so much in their small amount of time," Nora Munoz said. "This is the first time in a very long time that Brice and Nadia are actually doing well."

Brice had a liver transplant at age two, Nadia had one at age three. They have spent the majority of their youth within the walls of the Ronald McDonald House in Houston.

"They have been such a special family, I have watched them grow up and their family is truly incredible this has only brought them closer," Bourne said.

When the McDonald's USA foundation announced that Nadia and Brice were selected as one of five other pairs to attend the 2016 Olympic games, their mother still can't believe the opportunity.

"Brice just had brain surgery in November he was having 7-8 seizures a day, but since then he hasn't had any," Munoz said. "So I guess this is the best they've been, so it was really a sign from God that this is our time."

The Lufkin McDonalds held a special 'send-off' party for the family to celebrate all they have overcome and the new exciting adventure before them.

"I really hope they understand that they can enjoy life and things are going to get better and easier."

Brice hopes to rub shoulders with basketball legend, Kevin Durant and Nadia is just excited to see the gymnastic competition. The two will also participate in the special opening ceremonies that begin next week.

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