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Angelina County Democrat optimistic about DNC, despite its rocky start

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It has been a rough start to day one of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as party leaders face the challenging task of bringing the party together.

It's something that Angelina County Democrats are looking at, too. Luan Tatum, an Angelina in Angelina County Democrat, said it’s time for change. 

"The Democratic Party has spent way too much time ignoring certain states, which is what's happened here in Texas and other places. So we've gone completely one party when Texas was a viable two-party state in the past." Tatum said.
But the latest scandal may further divide the party.

Over the weekend, thousands of private Democratic National Committee e-mails were leaked and posted online, raising questions about whether Democratic Party leaders actively supported Hillary Clinton's campaign during the primary season.

"We've had a little excitement over the course of the weekend with the current chairman of the DNC having some issues; she’s resigned, so things should be looking up going forward." Tatum said.

Outgoing DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday that she would resign after the convention. Now, she's been booted from speaking at the convention.

A spotlight will shine on the newest member of the Clinton campaign, United States Senator Tim Kaine, of Virginia, whom Clinton picked as his vice presidential pick last Friday.

Many democrats see the Kaine VP pick as a way for Clinton to attract moderate Democrats, especially in the red state of Texas.

While unity will be the top message of Day One in Philly, new national polls have shown the race between Clinton and Trump tightening after the GOP convention.

"Everybody gets a bump during their convention. Everyone gets a bump in the polls after that, but polls won’t matter until September" Tatum said.

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