Robber Uses Finger For A Weapon

David Alexander
David Alexander

The man who's suspected of demanding money from two different locations Saturday night is now behind bars.

Officers say 54-year-old David Alexander was arrested Sunday morning on charges of aggravated robbery.  Aggravated because of the weapon he allegedly displayed.

The first place the robber hit was the Redland Grocery Store on 59 north of Lufkin.  The robber walked in, covered his face with his jacket, and then pulled a plastic bag out of his jacket, making what appeared to be a gun with his hand.

Store clerks there say they refused to give him money, knowing full well he didn't have a gun. They chased him out of the store to his car, where they got his vehicle description for police.

After the botched robbery at Redland Grocery, he went to the Expo Inn where he used the same weapon, but put it in his coat pocket instead. Officers say the suspect got an undetermined amount of cash from the Expo Inn, but it didn't matter much anymore. They had a vehicle description, and already ran the license plate, pointing them to the suspected robber.

Officers we spoke to say even if you think there might not be a weapon, you should always give them what they want.

Lt. Gerald Williamson of the Lufkin Police Department said, "the safest thing that you can do in the event of a robbery, and we always tell clerks to do this, is to cooperate with the robber and go ahead and give them the money. Money can be replaced, their lives can't."

Officers say they can sort it out later and recover the money if they can, but if the robber actually has a weapon, there's no way to recover a life.

The suspected robber, David Alexander, is being held in the Angelina County Jail. His bond has not yet been set.