SWAT Team Called In During Firefight In Longview

Longview Police answered a domestic disturbance at this home on Wilson Street Saturday, and within minutes were under fire from a gunman inside.

Sgt. Richard Spruiell of the Longview Police Department said, "they were thinking no doubt I would rather be anywhere else in the world but here. Theres more police officers killed answering and responding to domestic incidents that any other call."

Spruiell was on the scene, and over the course of the nearly 2 hour ordeal, at least 5 shots were fired at police by 45 year old Mark Anthony Munn.

Sgt. Spruiell said, "we didn't know if he was firing only at officers if he was firing in other directions. Everybody in the area was in danger."

A woman and 9 year old boy escaped the home unharmed. SWAT teams were able to distract Munn by throwing a flash device in the home, but the device caught the home on fire, and police were forced to go in.

"He was not in custody when the fire started , we did get a fire extinguisher to the SWAT team," said Sgt. Spruiell.

Munn was taken to the hospital where it was found that his blood-alcohol level was at and astounding .43.

Firefighters knocked down the flames and the situation was under control around 10:30 p.m.  No one was injured in the standoff, but now police will try to find out why it happened.