Victim from alleged sexual assault during massage session speaks out

Victim from alleged sexual assault during massage session speaks out
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Editor's note: We have chosen to keep the identity of the alleged victim in this case private.

A woman that has accused 29-year-old Caleb Eaves of sexually assaulting her during a professional massage session is speaking out in hopes of connecting with other possible victims.

"He felt like if he said the right things he would just get away with it," the woman said. "This guy is married and has kids, and you think you trust someone like that."

She made the outcry to police on July 10th and explained coming forward was not easy.

"As hard it is to come forward, it's even harder not to, when you think of the strength you give to other people and yourself, it makes it all worth it," the alleged victim said.

Her honesty about the vicious nature of sexual assault has the ability to impact those remaining silent.

"It's never okay to take advantage of someone; I mean, you're taking away a basic human right, and I don't think people realize how serious that is," she said.

Eaves was arrested and charged with sexual assault. According to the arrest affidavit, when asked why he did it, he told authorities it was because she was, "Cute, young, and free."

"That doesn't justify it. That doesn't give you the right to do that. I'm a human being. This guy cannot have the opportunity to do this again to anyone else," the alleged victim said.

It's her motivation for coming forward. She said if just one person's life is changed ,then, for her, it is worth it.

"It's important for me to help people. That's number one. I care about other people feeling comfortable that they can come forward and that they're not alone," she said.

She wants people to also be aware after details of investigations surrounding sexual assault are released, sometimes comments and criticisms made on social media can push those unknown victims to remain silent.

"Think about your sister, your daughter, your wife going there and having that done to them. Would you say, 'Oh, you should have known better?'"

Most importantly, this young woman's message is to hold those responsible for their actions and encourage others to come forward.

"I think there are women out there that this has happened to, and they probably think it's their fault, but at the end of the day, it's never your fault," the alleged victim said.

The arrest affidavit also stated that Caleb Eaves' wife, a professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, was one of the main sources of referral for her husband's business. At this time, SFA has opened an investigation. However, the the sheriff's office has not released the name of additional suspects.

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