Man gets 14-year sentence for inappropriate sexual activity with 4-year-old girl in Angelina County

Donovan Ray Kendrick, 43, showed up in Angelina County Court this morning ready to accept a 10-year plea deal and left accepting a plea bargain for 14 years. 

Kendrick who was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child from an incident five years ago which was then reduced to indecency with a child by contact, appeared before honorable 217th district judge, Bob Inselmann this morning to accept his plea deal.

Kendrick initially described the incident in court, saying that he had sexual intercourse with a woman while a 4-year old child was in the same bed.

Upon hearing this Judge Inselmann seemed confused.

“That’s still not necessarily a crime because it could be an accident, there was no intent. So that’s still not a crime. I mean I am not going to let an innocent man or a man who’s not guilty of a crime plead guilty, when he did not commit a crime. “ Inselmann said.

The judge then adjourned the case to allow the defense to get his story straight.

A few minutes later the case resumed this time Kendrick described the events of what happened in more detail.  He told the judge that he had purposely touched the little girls’ vaginal area for sexual gratification.

More information also came to light when the prosecution shared that the child said that is wasn’t a onetime occurrence.

Upon hearing this and taking into account that Kendrick also had four years worth of jail credit from a former case, Inselmann wasn’t pleased with the deal and rejected it.

“He’s got 4 years credit I know he’s going to register as a sex offender no matter what.  But this just doesn’t seem like justice to me. It just doesn’t seem right. I’m not going to approve the plea agreement at this time.” Inselmann said.

 Inselmann requested the child’s counselor reports and spoke with the victim’s father in private who was also in the court room today.

After another recess the Inselmann came back and accepted a new plea deal of 14 years with the possibility of parole in 5 years.

The agreement was reached in order to spare the five-year-old child from having to testify in a trial.   

“I think that everybody needs to understand and really realize this child hasn’t done anything wrong, this child is a victim. An innocent child is a victim of a perverted act.” Inselmann said.

Judge Inselmann said he allowed the **second agreement in order to spare the child from having to testify in a trial.

The other woman involved in the act Amandy Michelle Johnson Farek, of Lufkin pleaded guilty in 2013 for her part in the crime, accepting a 7-year prison sentence. th

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