"Go Red For Women" To Make Heart Disease Aware

by Jessica Cervantez

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. That is why a national campaign is being planned to help raise awareness about the warning signs of the common problem.

Many people who have heart disease, don't even know it. That is why if you're a man over 40, or a post-menopausal woman you should get a heart exam once a year. Anyone with a history of heart disease should also be examined regularly. If you want to avoid a trip to the hospital doctors say be aware of the warning signs.

Dr. Musa Khan, a cardiologist, said, "They may have shortness of breath. They may have pain in their back or in the shoulders or arm, and occasionally, the heart attack can be silent without any symptoms."

Doctors say it is important for both women and men to exercise and have good eating habits. That combination can help lower the risk for heart disease.

Yana Ogletree, of Woodland Heights Medical Center, said, "Many times women don't understand and they push the problem to the background."

Heart disease can affect anyone. That is why it is not only important for you to know the risk factors and warning signs of a heart attack and stroke, but also to try and live a healthy lifestyle.

There will be what is called a "Women in Red" luncheon Wednesday, April 28th. It is designed to help spread the message about heart disease and teach women to live stronger and healthier lives. The luncheon happens at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center in Lufkin at 11:30 a.m.