Texas Could Be First State To Sell Lottery Tickets Online

Some Texas state lawmakers want to make it much easier to play lottery games.

Under their plan, you would be able to buy lottery tickets online. You'd also be able to use your ATM card to get them.

Chevron cashier, Brooke Dicks, said, "I don't think it's a good idea because people can hack into your stuff and find out all your information."

Those against the lottery bill also believe it would increase gambling addiction and give kids easier access to lottery tickets, not to mention the amount of money retailers might lose if customers can buy tickets without going to the store.

Chevron employee, Darla Boles, said, "There's a lot of gambling addiction; you don't have to get on the computer for that, just walk in our store."

State legislators passed the measure Monday. It now has to go before the full house and then the senate before you can start buying your lottery tickets online.