Kickoff Party Helps Get Rodeo Underway

Tuesday night at the Angelina County Expo Center the beer was iced down and the barbecue was hot. It was all part of the annual kick-off party for the Angelina County Benefit Rodeo. It was also a time to say thanks to local businesses that help make the rodeo possible.

"As usual, the business of Angelina County have stepped up. We've been doing this rodeo for over fifty years, and thanks to the business' from Angelia County, we could not do it without them." said Lukin Hosts Lions Club president Kevin Langston.

Money generated by this year's rodeo will benefit the Wilson-McKewen Treatment Center and the Lufkin State School.

Just because the rodeo is happening here in East Texas, doesn't mean the athletes competing are below average.

"There's one thing that does happen, we have the right kind of prize money, the right time of year, and the right stock contractor to help attract the best cowboys." said rodeo announcer Mike Mathis.