Angelina County United Way 2016 campaign goal down from last year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The United Way Board Committee announced today that their new goal for their 2016 campaign is down significantly from last year.

The newly announced budget is $335,000, which is down from the $390,000 that was set for last year.

The drop in the budget is attributed to the rough economic time in Angelina County.

In past years Lufkin Industries employees have donated a good portion to United Way.

All money that's raised will stay within Angelina County and go to help 18 separate non-profit agencies.

Campaign Chairman Scott Skelton said some things have changed this year.

"People understand that times have changed in Angelina County, that we have to do some things differently, one of the things that were doing differently  is many of the agencies are focusing on workforce training, job training and so those are type of feedback issues that we've been hearing." Skelton said.

The campaign will begin in late September and there will also be large barometers around Lufkin and the county tracking the campaign's progress on a weekly basis.

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