84 bridge construction continues after old debris blasted out of river

Source: TxDOT
Source: TxDOT

SABINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The US 84 bridge connecting Texas to Louisiana over the Sabine River can continue after crews blasted the pieces from the old bridge out of the water Thursday morning.

TxDOT spokeswoman Rhonda Oaks was on hand to get video of the event. She said the old bridge was taken out in sections and placed on barges for removal, but some pilings were in the water as part of the process.

"The old pilings had to be removed and blasting them was the standard way," Oaks said.

A crew out of Oklahoma set charges around and in the pilings and blasted them out at dawn.

Oaks said the debris will be removed from the water. The crew then collected, measured and counted the dead fish to report to Texas Parks & Wildlife.

One new bridge is carrying two-way traffic while the next new one is being built for westbound traffic. The one currently up will then carry eastbound traffic.

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