Nacogdoches woman dances on 'Live with Kelly'

NEW YORK, NY (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches woman showed her stuff on national TV Friday morning, dancing on "Live with Kelly."

The East Texas town got a little more attention than usual for the daily routine as Ripa had to work to pronounce "Nacogdoches."

"That's Cara Campbell from Naca, Naca..." Ripa said.

"Nacogdoches!" Campbell said.

Campbell was dancing during the "Drive Me Wild Trivia" segment on "Live."

"I got tired just watching her!" said co-host Nick Lachey.

"I have to make everything much more exotic," Ripa said, before pronouncing the town name again in a foreign accent.

"That was great, she was auditioning to be a backup dancer," Ripa said to Lachey, who was set to perform with his band, 98 Degrees, later in the show.

"We would put you out but you would put us to shame," Lachey said.

"I'm free for whatever," Campbell said.

In an email exchange Friday afternoon, Campbell said she is a student at SFA and is a graduate of a Maryland high school.

Campbell is a radio/TV major at SFA and is in New York interning with a production company.

"As a kind of 'end of summer' gift my boss got myself and three other co-workers tickets to see the show," Campbell said. "Me being a dancer my whole life, I've always wanted to be the dancer of the day! So when it came time to choose, members of the audience, including myself, starting jumping and yelling trying to get the attention of the producers in order to be picked. I seized the opportunity. They had me and three other women compete for the title by dancing for the audience. I played to the crowd and pulled out all my best moves. It came down to me and an older lady, but I managed to beat her when I did my weird double-jointed arm trick. The crowd went wild and screamed louder for me than the other woman in the last round of Apollo-style voting. I was freaking out in the best way!"

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