Foot golf comes to Nacogdoches’ Woodland Hills Golf Course

Foot golf comes to Nacogdoches’ Woodland Hills Golf Course

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There's a new game coming to Woodland Hills Golf Course in Nacogdoches. Foot golf is coming to East Texas for the very first time.

"It's two of my favorite sports put together all in one. How can I say no?" said foot golfer Tavo Cortes.

"Literally it is golf with a soccer ball," said Woodland Hill Golf Course owner Doug Datin. "The holes are a lot bigger. They're 21.5 inches wide. They are set up in the ruffs so that they're not out on the greens, disrupting the play of golf. Every rule is the exact same as golf except you're just kicking a soccer ball."

The game even comes with its own scorecard. Like golf, you aim for the par 3's, 4's and 5's but it's a much shorter course because you can't kick a soccer ball as far as you can hit a golf ball.

In the quite game of golf, those players have nothing to fear as far as being obstructed by the foot golfers. Woodland Hills orchestrates one group after another so that the two sides flow in the same order.

The PGA endorsed foot golf two years ago and it's a game that doesn't require a certain age or skill, but will give you a bit of a workout.

"It's fun and it burns off a lot of calories. You sweat a lot," said young foot golfer Xilone Puffer.

"Golf is a very tough game, but foot golf is designed for people of all ages and all abilities," said Datin.

"If you can kick and you can walk, you need to be out here," said Cortes.

The game has only been in Nacogdoches for a few weeks and already they've had visitors from Dallas, Houston and even out of state to see what foot golf is all about.

"I get a lot of questions from regular golfers. They ask me is it fun? What is it like? I love it," said Cortes. "It's sparking some curiosity in regular golfing which is good. I hope more people will come out here and really give foot golf a try because it is a blast."

Even though he owns the golf course, foot golf has become a guilty pleasure for Datin.

"The funny thing is, I own the golf course and I rarely get to play golf. But I think in the last month I've probably played 10 or 12 rounds of foot golf which is probably more golf than I played all of last year combined," said Datin.

Woodland Hills hosts foot golf every day of the week. It costs $10 to play and $20 if you play with a golf cart.

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