Improved Security Will Make Courthouse Much Safer

Six cameras are now in place all around the Angelina County Courthouse. Beefing up courthouse security is part of a plan to prevent crime; not only inside the facility, but also around it.

Gary Jordon, interim director of information technology, said, "With all the things that have been in the news recently, shooting and stuff like that, there's a lot more awareness now of the need for security.   We started this way back before incidents like that come up, so we kind of got a head start."

The new security measures won't be fool proof, but they're sure to cut down on illegal activity around the county courthouse.

"It's a computer, of course, anything can happen.  It's subject to computer failure or camera failure or something like that.  It's about as close as we can get, technology wise."

The cameras aren't working yet, but it won't be long until they're monitored around the clock for your safety.