Angie King Admits Guilt

The former Nacogdoches County sheriff's secretary is spending her first night behind bars beginning Thursday. Angie King entered an admission of guilt to forgery and theft.

One of the conditions of her probation was to write a letter of apology for stealing. Her victims include the East Texas Peace Officers Association and donors to various humanitarian accounts within the sheriff's office.

Defense attorney John Heath said, "My client has done everything she can to make amends. She paid $57,000 plus in a certified check. She's got about $2,000 additional restitution and fines she'll pay while on probation. She's accepted the plea and it speaks for itself."

Heath dictated all of King's letter of apology, except for the last two lines. King writes, "I also wish to state that I wish for my actions not to reflect upon the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office, the Nacogdoches sheriff's deputies or any other law enforcement personnel. These great people deserve your respect and are very thorough with the job they do.'

All will be published in the Nacogdoches newspaper as part of the plea agreement offered by Stephanie Stephens. "Because some of the people she stole from were the citizens of this county," explained Stephens for her reasons to have King write the letter.

King is now serving three months of county jail time for felony convictions of forging Sheriff Thomas Kerss' signature twice. "I think it's very important that jail time be a condition of the probation and part of her sentence because she needs to be punished for what she did," said King.

In addition King is serving 8 years probation and giving up her peace officers license, something she once carried with pride.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss said he has transferred King to another county jail in the East Texas region. King has a close relationship with co workers. King's safety is another concern as she has processed many of the inmates.