Nacogdoches traffic stop results in 2 felony drug arrests, seizure of 50 lbs of codeine

Nacogdoches traffic stop results in 2 felony drug arrests, seizure of 50 lbs of codeine
Kedar Muhammd (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Kedar Muhammd (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Source: Nacogdoches Police Department
Source: Nacogdoches Police Department
Source: Nacogdoches Police Department
Source: Nacogdoches Police Department

Editor's Note: On Dec. 18, 2017, the Nacogdoches County Attorney's Office dismissed the charge against Latifah Tate.

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A traffic stop in Nacogdoches resulted in two felony drug arrests and the seizure of 50 pounds of liquid codeine late Monday night.

Kedar Muhammd, 27, of Parkforest, Illinois, and Latifah Adilah Tate, 25, of Atlanta, Georgia, are both still being held at the Nacogdoches County Jail. Each of them was charged with first-degree felony manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance more than 400 grams.

Both Muhammd and Tate have had their bail amounts set at $75,000.

Lt. Dan Taravella said Monday night that Muhammd and Tate were traveling from Houston when Nacogdoches PD K-9 officers stopped their Jeep Cherokee for speeding. After the officers were given conflicting statements, they had the K-9 officer do a "free air sniff" of the SUV's exterior.

The K-9 alerted them to the possible presence of drugs, and the Nacogdoches PD officers searched the SUV. They found 50 pounds of prescription codeine in a suitcase containing Tate and Muhammd's clothing, the affidavit stated. Taravella said, in all, the Nacogdoches PD officers found 50 pounds of codeine.

Taravella said it was way more than the average pharmacy quantity. He said the codeine seized by the Nacogdoches Police Department has an estimated street value of $22,000.

Both suspects were arrested at the scene and taken to the county jail.

Liquid codeine is a prescription drug that's primarily prescribed by doctors.

Keith Smith the clinical coordinator of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas said it's typically used for pain relief purposes.

"It's basically a narcotic it is manufactured to seduce or reduce pain and it's used for coughs, intestinal problems, pain a lot of people are allergic to it and so it's not widely prescribed." Smith said.

Even though it's not commonly used, there are ways that people can get their hands on the drug.

"What we're kind of hearing is that it's being manufactured out of the country and then it can be shipped over smuggled over into the United States and then the dealers are the ones that are distributing it to people on the streets." Smith said.

Liquid Codeine is considered an Opioid downer drug that some users typically mix with other drinks such as sodas and Kool-Aid to help give them an adrenaline rush and make them feel exhilarated.

But mixing this drug with liquids, especially alcohol and energy drinks without proper measurements of dosage can the very dangerous.

"The danger being is that you know, you're not the pharmacist and so you've got a bottle or a vile of it that you bought off the street and so when you mix it, you may be mixing too much and create an overdose." Smith said.

Side effects to look out for with liquid codeine are dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches and drowsiness along with a long list of others.

Medical professionals also say that the danger with this drug is that it can affect everyone differently despite how much is used.

If an overdose is suspected you are encouraged to contact the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

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