With guilty verdict behind them, victims' families live for children

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - The guilty verdict brought tears of joy to the Maddox and Humphus families.

For the last 979 days, the two families had to live with the memories of Nathan Maddox and his wife Krystal being gunned down outside of a Tyler County church.

Early on in the grieving, families told authorities it was Nathan's ex-wife, Kristen Westfall and her family who had to be responsible, citing a tense child-custody battle over Nathan Maddox's and Westfall's child and the place they were gunned down, only walking distance from the Westfall home.

After a long day of court where the families saw Westfall take the stand and put the blame on her family, they were finally able to address the killer of the ones they loved.

"You never cared," said Rhonda Humphus, Krystal Maddox's mother. "You took them from Maddie, the daughter you gave birth to."

"I still want you to suffer but I would not want to put a bullet in you," said Elijah Durham, Krystal Maddox's grandfather. "You are not worth it."

"Too many times I don't even want to live but the only reason I want to live now is for Krystal's children," said Monetta Durham, Krystal Maddox's grandmother.

"This doesn't fix anything but it does deal with you," said Jim Maddox, Nathan Maddox's father. "I pray for your dark unrepentive soul. Obviously you have no remorse."

And as she left the courtroom, the families now focus on the five children without their parents.

"They have holes in their heart like I have in mine," Rhonda Humphus said. "I just hope we can heal it and to some degree they have a normal life."

Westfall's father, Paul, will have a pre-trial hearing in September in Woodville.

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