Finders Keepers

If you find a dollar on the ground in the park or on your way to school with no owner in sight, you'd probably just pocket it and keep walking. According to Nacogdoches Police Officers, that's perfectly legal.

But what if you find a duffle bag full of hundred dollar bills hiding in the bushes. According to officers, there is no legal reason to turn it in, but it might not be the smartest thing to do, especially if it ends up being owned drug dealer.

Lt. Greg Johnson of the Nacogdoches Police Department said, "you definetly don't want someone coming and looking for you for a bag full of money. It might be safer for you to turn it in and go through the proper procedures, through the proper court to let the judge decide who the money belongs to."

You might end up getting the cash, but while there's no definitive line between what's acceptable to keep and what's not, you have to use some common sense.

Lt. Johnson said, "you should be careful with it becaue that maybe somebody's money who really needs it and if we can find that person and get the money back to them it could help them out."

A good way to gauge weither you should keep found money is imagine if you lost the cash, how much would it hurt you.

If you do choose to report money or other items you have found, officers will try to find the rightful owner. If nobody claims it you can go to a hearing and a judge will decide who the money or the property should go to.