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Gift of Love: Derion and Deuntaye

Derion is looking for the Gift of Love. Derion is looking for the Gift of Love.
Deuntaye hopes to find a forever family. Deuntaye hopes to find a forever family.
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A little rain didn't keep these boys from having fun at the Brookshire's Park. Derion and Deuntaye love to climb, slide and swing across the monkey bars.

Derion is a very engaging and energetic 6 year old child. He is curious and loves to learn and explore new things. He is very talkative and always the "life of the party."  

"I like to play. When I go home, I like to ride my bike," Derion said.

And he is always on the go! Derion really likes to play sports.

"I like to jump up and down, and play soccer and play football," Derion said.

Derion is very affectionate and loves attention. He also loves sweets, but don't let that fool you. He's a pretty healthy eater.
"Chocolate bars. What else? Apples, Bananas, oranges. And I don't like butter," Derion said.

As for his future, his sweet tooth currently rules that decision.

"I want to be a candy maker. So that I can make a chocolate bar and eat it all," Derion said.

Derion has a difficult time focusing on a task and is easily distracted.  He will need a family that can give him extra support and advocate for him at school.

Older brother Deuntaye is reserved and shy, but bonds well with his caregivers and loves attention. Deuntaye enjoys watching cartoons, reading books and playing outside. As for his future, he wants an active career.

"A wrestler. Why do you want to do that? Because I like wrestling," Deuntaye said.

Deuntaye plays on a soccer team and works well with his teammates. As for his favorite foods, he likes a slice of pie.

"Pizza. What kind of pizza? Pepperoni. And for dessert? Chocolate cake," Deuntaye said.

Deuntaye looks forward to being with his new forever family doing every day family things.

"Go places, visit other people" Deuntaye said.

Deuntaye struggles a bit at school, but works very hard. He likes being helpful and volunteers to set the table and clean up at church. When it comes to his three wishes, Deuntaye wants to meet his favorite cartoon character, travel in the past and his last wish is for his family.

"To have a home for my brothers and my sister," Deuntaye said.

The boys have a sister that has already been adopted and an older brother that will be adopted separately. It's very important for them to stay in contact with their other siblings. 

Deuntaye and Derion would do best in a home where they are the only children.  Their family should be patient and provide a lot of structure and consistency. But most importantly, these two boys need a family that can show them the Gift of Love.

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