Mayor Dunn Get's Big Surprise After Airshow

Nancy Dunn took her last minutes of training Sunday before her big jump with Skydive East Texas, a group out of Gladewater that performed during the airshow. It's a surprise for her husband, Bob Dunn, the Mayor of Nacogdoches.

Nancy said, "I'm afraid to do almost anything. I don't even like to kill bugs so he'll be real surprised that I had the nerve."

While she's doing all her training, her husband has no idea what's going on. Nancy says once he hears the news, she can just about bet on his reaction.

"She better not hurt herself," said Nancy. "Cause he's had to take care of me once before with a broken leg and I don't think he wants to do it again."

While they get ready for takeoff, her husband the mayor gets ready to be on camera. He thought he was about to be interviewed by one of our photographers about the airshow, little did he know he was about to get a big surprise.

After breaking the news to him, Mayor Dunn said, "if she's been married to me all these years that's nothing."

Back on the ground, everyone watched as she fell from the sky, and Mayor Dunn began to realize that everyone knew this was coming, except him.

Mayor Dunn said, "well, I'll tell you what. If I ever want to keep a secret, I'll go to this bunch...I didn't have an inkling."

"I didn't want to tell you. I wanted to pay you back for all the things you done and not told me about," replied Nancy after reaching the ground.

It was happy landings for the brave skydiver and as for the husband, it might be for the best that he didn't know about it.

Mayor Dunn said, "the way I feel about skydiving is I do not jump out of a perfectly good airplane."

It might have only lasted moments, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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