Women's Shelter In Need Of New Safe House

by Jessica Cervantez

More than a hundred women died last year in Texas for the same reason. They were all victims of domestic abuse. It is a growing problem in East Texas and there is a need for help.

Margi Preston, the executive director of the Women's Shelter of East Texas, is hard at work raising funds to help build a safe house for Angelina County. Just last year, her organization helped 650 families.

Preston said, "We have two other safe houses, we cover nine counties, but we really need one in Angelina County, because our population is so big. When women have to leave the county they have to pull their kids out of school, and they have to drive to their jobs, so it's really hard to pull them completely out of their community."

Plans for the safe house are already in place. Before building the women's shelter needs money. That is why the organization is stepping out with a "Women Who Make a Difference" luncheon.

Preston said, "The first year we had it was for the thrift store that we opened, so the second annual we're really trying to kick-off a new safe house for Angelina County."

Funding is always an issue for the women's shelter. Workers do what they can to make it work. Especially, since they know hundreds of Texas women are victims of domestic violence every year.

Preston said, "There's hope, there's people out there that care about them, there is a place to go."

The "Women Who Make a Difference" luncheon will be held Wednesday, May 11th from 12:00-1:30 at the Crown Colony Country Club. Tickets are $35. For more information on how to purchase the tickets you can contact the Women's Shelter of East Texas at (936) 569-1018.