Bad Road And Pothole #1

by Jessica Cervantez

It's a quiet, East Texas town, with a population of 638. If you walk into the local grocery store, everyone knows about FM 256. So much so, that one of the store's owners, has printed up a t-shirt about the road.

Barbara Baird, said, "When I saw this one I just thought it would be appreciated, just for the fact that, I thought it was humorous."

The shirt says "I survived FM 256 in Colmesneil."

Barbara says people stop in and always comment about poor condition of the road.

Mrs. Baird said, "It doesn't have good shoulders, so if you happen to run off then you run off the road. It's just really bad to drive on."

One long-time resident says there are a lot of people that drive on the road.

Bertha Maxwell said, "I'm in hopes they'll retop it because I see there's material. They have widened it."

Don Baird, who is the mayor and also owns the local grocery store, said he has been watching workers from the Texas Department of Transportation trying to fix it up.

Mr. Baird said, "They've been working on it for about 8 months."

Some people living here believe bad roads are just part of living in a small East Texas town. So, they just make the best of what they have got.

Others, are hoping someday, their drive on FM 256 will be much smoother.