Pineywoods Community Academy superintendent stepping down to take state-level job

Pineywoods Community Academy superintendent stepping down to take state-level job

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - During their meeting Tuesday night, the Pineywoods Community Academy School Board accepted the resignation of the charter school's superintendent.

Bruce Marchand is stepping down as PCA's superintendent. On Sept. 12, Marchand will start his new job as one of the two directors of charter school development and growth for the Texas Charter School Association.

"Essentially, I'll be responsible for working with charter sponsors just beginning the application process through their zero year - that's the year that they are approved but a year before they actually open their doors - and then through year one, their first year of operation," Marchand said.  "I'll have a chance to offer assistance in all areas of their operations. Plus, I will also be given the opportunity to pursue out of state charter operators who are doing a great job with charters in their own state and work with them to consider establishing school in Texas."

Marchand said as part of the TCSA quality services team, he will have the opportunity to work with charter schools across the state and influence their operations and performance.

"I've talked individually with our board members the last couple of weeks, and they have been very supportive and excited that when I meet folks in the charter world, they'll get a chance to hear about PCA," Marchand said. "Of course, the other thing that I've done is work with the board on a very detailed transition plan, so things will continue to go smoothly as the school transitions into new leadership."

The charter school will be holding a staff meeting to go over the transition plan.

"The transition plan is designed to create as little disruption as possible and to use the talented leadership that we have to help accomplish our goals for success," Marchand said.

Along those lines, Monica Gunter will start her role as the charter school's interim superintendent on Sept. 6. Marchand said that Gunter will have all of his current duties and responsibilities.

JoDee Woodcock will step up to serve as the interim secondary principal for the charter school. In addition, Sandy Burris will wear two hats. She will serve as the interim secondary assistant principal and continue serving as the secondary counselor for PCA.

Marchand said all of the other positions in all of the departments and schools at Pineywoods Community Academy will remain the same.

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