In Search Of The Missing, Pt. 1

His name is Lloyd Tillman Delano. Since June, no one has seen or heard from the Woodville man who had moved to Lufkin shortly before his disappearance. Delano has a criminal record, but his family says he's a good person who they want to find.

 For the sake of four grandchildren, Lori Hollis diligently looks for her son-in-law. "The kids miss their daddy. They ask about him," said Hollis. Hollis says on June 12, 2004, Delano told his mother that he was going to hitchhike from Lufkin to Woodville. "That was the last time we ever heard from him," said Hollis. The family says Delano was going to turn himself in to a Tyler County probation officer.

Just a week before, Delano had been in a Nacogdoches County drug rehab program, but quickly resumed old habits. "It hurts. It hurts, especially knowing the type of person he is. He's a good person, good as gold - do anything for anybody", shared Hollis.

There were good times. He married in 1998 and became a father of three boys. And then there's his little girl. "He loved his kids. And my daughter had the baby 12 days after he disappeared. It's just not like Lloyd not to want to see the baby," said Hollis. It's so out of character that Hollis fears something bad may have happened. "I'm just hoping he's not dead. That's what we're hoping, he's not dead."

Could the family's concerns be all wrong? Tyler County Deputy Bubba Sheffield said, "I think he's alive, but running from the law." Sheffield is Delano's sex offender compliance officer. In 1991, Delano pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault. He's classified as absconded. "It wouldn't surprise me for him to go missing, knowing that he has a warrant for his arrest," said Sheffield.

Despite his hunches, the deputy says his boyhood friend right up to his disappearance would follow the strict rules established for sex offenders. Tyler County Probation Officer Dolores Wigley told us that Delano's inability to keep a job, marital problems and, most of all, drugs led to his decline. She, too, believes her probationer is alive and running from the law.

A man avoiding prison or a man willing to give up a family for drugs that may have ended his life? Either way, it tears at those who know he's missing.