Red Cross Helps Families In Need

by Jessica Cervantez

If you ever lose your home in a fire, the American Red Cross will be there to help you. B. J. Hunt found that out. The day before Thanksgiving last year, his family lost everything.

Hunt said, "They helped with clothing, vouchers for food, clothing that my entire family had lost in the fire, and they were really helpful."

B. J. gave thanks to the American Red Cross at this year's Heroes Campaign kick-off.

Gen. Mike Taylor, who helps the American Red Cross, said, "We'd like to encourage people to recognize one of their own employees or family members, or organization members, as a recognition for their own support and sponsor a donation in their name."

To B. J., the Rred Cross is a hero. He is thankful all of his family members escaped the fire, but they faced a tough road after it happened.

Hunt said, "It takes a lot. It takes time. It's rather difficult to lose everything."

B. J. is not alone. The Red Cross helps families all over the world suffering from tragedies. In the past year, the organization has helped tsunami victims in southeast Asia and folks hit by hurricanes in Florida.

Gen. Taylor said, "We send teams down there. We send folks to go help and volunteer. One of these days, those three hurricanes could be on the Gulf coast, so being prepared is a major thing."

Last year, the local Red Cross raised just under $20,000 in the Heroes Campaign. That money stayed here in East Texas.